What’s the attendance going to be for the Page at Grimsley game on Friday night???

Is it too soon to start the guess the attendance contest for the BIG game on Friday night? I would think not, since the game is just three days away…..We need to have one of those countdown counters going, like they do on the college web sites, where you have two days, 23 hours, 50 minutes and 17 seconds till game time…And the clock moves on down closer to game time…..

But guessing the attendance….That should be doable and you would think with the good weather forecast, the crowd would be BIG and LOUD on Friday night….

You’ve got to think they can draw 10,500 in there to Jamieson Stadium, on Friday evening….They had 8,500 for the Dudley at Smith game and that Claude Manzi Stadium was packed to the gills….

Page and Grimsley ought to be able to top what Dudley and Smith did…..More room by far, at Grimsley, in their Jamieson Stadium….Let’s go with the early guesser of 10,547 fans at the game this Friday…..And for every fan that they have over that number, we’ll donate another dollar to the Jim Modlin Scholarship Fund….

My real big guesser that I wonder about is, “Who will have the larger ‘Student Section’, Grimsley or Page”????? Grimsley is the home team and you would think that they would win this honor, ‘hands down’ and going away, but I’m not totally sold on how many of those Grimsley students will show up and rally behind their Whirlies on Friday night….Can they top what Page can bring to the ‘House that Jamieson built’?
(Can a ‘homer’ top a visitor every time?)

I need to see something out of the Grimsley ‘Student Section’, on Friday night….I saw it from Page, as they hit the playoffs last season and in key games against teams such as Butler and Mallard Creek, the Pirates were there, and they were on the money…..Hasn’t been as much to cheer about yet this year, but you know they will be there in full force on Friday night, at Jamieson Stadium…If you can out-do your arch-rival at their house, then that is worth noting…..

‘Big Game’ atmosphere coming for the game this Friday night and let’s make some noise, as we head to the stadium and get ready to find our seats…..Which side will you be sitting on? Our crew will be on the Page side, have been for the past 15-20 years, since that is the radio side, but we were on the Grimsley side one year and that was the night that Grismley’s Gavin Stegall-Abrams kicked the field twice, because there was a penalty and he made the FG the second time, to give the Whirlies the win…He missed the first one and they backed him up, he kicked it again and made the FG, going left-to-right at Jamieson….

A year or so earlier, Donald Moore Jr. kicked the field goal twice and he made it both times and won the game for the Page Pirates…Moore made it the first time, but he had to kick it again, and the second time they moved him up five yards and he still hit it, or something like that…It may have been with Donald Jr., that the whistle blew right as the kicked the ball and he made it and then he had to kick it again, from a similar distance and he nailed it a little closer in….

The overall attendance(10,547 is our guess) and ‘The Battle of the Student Sections’ for Friday night….We need to be in the know on these things…..


  1. 10,548 since I am bringing my whole family. You don’t have to worry about Grimsley and Page fans showing up in force for this one. It is the only game in town or for that matter the county this week.

  2. “It is the only game in town or for that matter the county this week.” about 40,000 other fans beg to differ. Get over yourself, nobody outside Page/Grimsley gives two craps!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lighten up Karrie and understand what you read before you type. Gfan WAS referring to the Grimsley & Page fans. Of course there will be other games this week but to Grimsley & Page fans this will be the only game……understand now???

  4. Predict 9787 fans and this is the only game this week and many others ought to see that too….This is a big game and I bet some fans who normally go elsewhere will be there for this one. The curiosity will be killing them. More Page fans than Grimsley fans too I predict.

  5. I would suggest get there early, cause there is going to be a BIG crowd at this one on Friday night….


  6. I am going to get there in the middle of the 3rd qt because the stands will be half empty on Grimsley side after the blow-out has started.

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