Dale Earnhardt Jr. says it is time to get rid of the NFL replacement refs

Maybe the league will listen now the Dale Earnhardt Jr. has spoken and he has some basis for him contention, since he is a huge fan of the NFL and his favorite team has always been the Washington Redskins…Junior has teams in several fantasy leagues and he spoke with Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer on Tuesday and gave his opinion on the continuing problems…..

“It’s not quite working,” Earnhardt said Tuesday of the replacement refs. “I think some action needs to be taken to shore up an agreement with the refs to where we can bring them back.”

“This season has a little asterisk next to it. It’s kind of stained in a way that’s irreparable. It’s frustrating to see this happen because there’s a lot of football fans out there that would rather things be different.”CLICK HERE to read all on this topic from Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer….