Grimsley vs. Page is sort of like North Carolina vs. N.C. State

Grimsley is blue and Page is red in their uniform schemes and although North Carolina is light blue/sky blue, instead of the dark blue of Grimsley, there still remain many a similarity between what these Page-Grimsley games mean and what these State-Carolina games mean…..In football for both sets of teams, they are the biggest games on the schedules and in the state of North Carolina….Fanfests galore when the four, State-Carolina and Grimsley-Page get together….

These are the big games for the fan bases of the four schools and they have become the, ‘Games of the Year’ in both area’s backyards, the Triad and the Triangle….Page-Grimsley is much like a smaller version of the State-Carolina football game…..Nothing gets the four schools’ fans pumped up like these games do…..

And look at how it all has transcended with the players moving from the games,(Page vs. Grimsley) to the other game(State vs. Carolina) over the years…..

Grimsley players that have gone to play at North Carolina and there are probably more so send them in…..
Rod Elkins
Mark Sugg
Rueben Davis
Ethan Albright
Brian Smouse
and I’m sure we have more, but you get the idea….Elkins, Sugg, Davis and Albright were all major/primary starting players in the Tar Heels’ lineups….Raynard/Ray Harrison did go from Page to North Carolina and he played basketball and he did quite well, till some issues jumped in and slowed down his game….

Page players that went on to play at N.C. State and we surely have some more out there….
Haywood Jeffries
Michael Brooks
Willie Wright
Mack Jones
Tucker King
Frank King
Clayton Henry
……And I’m sure we will be adding a few more in…..Mike Dempsey and Larry Dempsey went to State from Grimsley, but I think they played baseball…..

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