The regular refs return:The NFL has them back for tonight’s Browns-Ravens game

The regular National Football League referees will return tonight after an agreement was reached between the league and the official’s union early this morning, in the midnight hour and they will be on the field for tonight’s Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens game…This couldn’t have come soon enough for the coaches, the players and the fans, who have been going crazy while the replacement officials bothched calls and made a mockery of the NFL and it’s game operations…..The replacement officials were in over their heads as Greensboro resident and former NFL referee Gerry Austin kept telling everyone….Austin has always been very fair in his assessments and he said the replacement officials were not prepared to handle what they were facing…He told WFMY NEWS 2 and Frank Mickens that in many cases, you had 7 rookie officials on the field working together at one time and he said under normal circumstances, you never have that many in one game, there is usually only one rookie NFL official on the field at any given time…….They were not ready said Austin and it showed and the show will go on, with the regular referees back on the field tonight…..


The deal came on the heels of Seattle’s chaotic last-second win over Green Bay on Monday night in which the replacement officials struggled. Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was at the bargaining table Tuesday and Wednesday, said the regular officials would work the Browns-Ravens game at Baltimore on Thursday night.