We were looking for the Bridges Brothers(SWG) and we found them at Greensboro College

We go looking around every fall for our local talent and try and find out where they have landed for the football season and we have found the Bridges Brothers, Ray and Herbie(Southwest Guilford High School), with coach Bill Young and the Pride of Greensboro College….Greensboro College is off to a very promising (2-1) start in 2012….Guilford College has been hitting the local scene hard and bringing the area players over to the Quaker campus to play football in college and now Greensboro College, with the first-year leader Bill Young out in front, well, the Pride are doing the same thing too….

Greensboro College has more Southwest kids on the roster with Micah McMasters and more and they also have Warren Scott, a 5’3/144 pound runningback from Southern Guilford with them and the word has always been, the Scott kid can fly, almost like a ‘Flying Scottsman’…….

Here is the running line on Ray and Herbie at Greensboro College and knowing Ray, he will continue to play, until the day he dies…That kid just keeps on going and he never stops trying and the same can be said for Herbie too, but I have seen it first-hand with Ray, the kid will have has his say……

#45 Raymond Bridges Running Back Fr. 5-9 175 High Point, NC / Southwest Guilford High School

#46 Herbert Bridges Defensive Back Fr. 5-10 170 High Point, NC / Southwest Guilford School

*****Thanks to Greg Johnson(HP Central), who gave us the tip on the whereabouts of the Bridges Brothers…*****