Guilford County High School Football Poll for this week

*****I really like the way the poll turned out this week and what about the rest of you Friday Football Pollsters??? Not too many changes, but just enough to make it a little interesting…..*****

1)Northern Guilford(5-0)
2)TIE:Ragsdale(5-1)/Northwest Guiford(5-1)
4)Southern Guilford(4-1)
5)High Point Central(4-2)
6)Southeast Guilford(4-2)
7)Northeast Guilford(4-1)
8)High Point Andrews(4-1)

Eastern Guilford should start getting some consideration, now with two wins and if Eastern wins tonight, in their game against Northern, I will have them in this poll before Midnight…..Western Guilford now also with two wins, must also begin to get some looks….The Hornets are on the edge of getting in here among the Top Ten…..WG just beat Grimsley, but WG is (2-4) and Grimsley still sits at (2-3) and this could start getting deep, if I don’t get out of here quick…..(Like stepping in ‘Quick Sand’…….

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  1. 1)Northern Guilford
    2)Northwest Guiford
    4)Southern Guilford
    5)High Point Central
    10)TIE: NE/HPA

    Vegas MIke

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