More on the death of South Davidson football/wrestling coach Mike Crowell from Philip Jones and WFMY NEWS 2

The death of their coach has hit the entire South Davidson and Denton communities and if you have been to Denton, you know that South Davidson is kind of on the outskirts of town and when you get to downtown Denton, you are right in the middle of hometown Americana and the folks here are tight, all the way from Lanier’s old lumberyard(which was later Snider Lumber/Realty), and on up to the new high school….The death of Coach Mike Crowell, has touched everyone that has ever called Denton home…..

WFMY NEWS 2’s Philip Jones made his way to Rick’s Restaurant, where the South Davidson football team ate their pre-game meals on Fridays and he talked to current and former players, about the impact that Coach Crowell had on their lives and on the community….

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*****I can still remember back in the mid-70’s when the Denton football team made the playoffs for the first time in what seemed like forever and in the first round they took to the road and faced Robbinsville up in the North Carolina mountains…This was a 5-6 hour bus trip and they went up there and lost by something like 70-0, but the whole town was going crazy, because their Raiders had made the playoffs and civic pride was and still is a very big thing, down in Denton….The folks of Denton are tight and they are all like one big extended family and you just know, that the death of their coach is tearing through that Denton community this week, all the way from Denton to Silver Valley….*****