High Point’s Ted Brown to enter the N.C. State Hall of Fame this weekend and how he almost ended up at ECU

Former High Point Andrews runningback Ted Brown had a Hall of Fame career at N.C. State, but he almost ended up at East Carolina University…Didn’t recall it until today, but Brown only stood 5’8 and weighed 175 pounds and he is thought to be the best runningback in ACC Football history…That says a lot for the young man that rushed for over 5,000 yards during his four years in Raleigh….As a kid, he was a much better baseball player, than he was football player and I remember him being something of a very good basketball player too….

Brown’s son has become an All-Star hockey player out in Minnesota and he is headed to the NHL…..

Super read here on Ted Brown, by Caulton Tudor, at the Charlotte Observer…..
CLICK HERE to read more about the great Ted Brown, as he heads into the N.C. State Hall of Fame this Saturday…