What was the easiest class that you took in college?

Jay Bilas had this going on his Twitter feeds yesterday and it does make for a good question, with all the questions about how hard the college classes really are these days and what do you say, “What was your easiest college class?”……

I remember a pretty easy college wrestling class that was one of the Phys. Ed. electives and you just walk in, win a match or two and show a few decent moves and then it is about time to move on…..Jogging I and II appeared fairly easy on paper, but I got as much out of those classes as any that I ever took….Great lifetime lessons learned in those classes….

Toughest was for sure was Kinesiology…..Much to remember and much to learn in one of those classes….

What was your easiest college class???


  1. My toughest class easily was Spanish 2 being taught by an older teacher that spoke 5 lauguages and often forgot which lauguage she was teaching from day to day. My easiest class was a photographic class. I actuallly enjoyed that class and it is one of the few classes that I have used every year since college and it almost lead to a later career in property documentation. It is amazing how often those “easy” class are often the ones that have the most lasting enough.

  2. I had a business communications elective. For the entire semester, we did nothing but develop resumes and cover letters and practice interviewing. We all got a lot out of it but it was maybe 3 weeks worth of content and not an entire semester.

  3. Abnormal Psychology – It was a great class, but the teacher did not believe in grades. You got a B if you just showed up. You got an A if you participated and did a 5 page final paper.

  4. The government helped me with OB212 “The Obama Philosophy” also at UNC-CH. Luckily we did not participate in debates. We all passed as long as we found someone else we could blame our failures on.

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