Big Time Upset in Raleigh, as N.C. State tops #3 Florida State 17-16

N.C. State 17
Florida State 16

*****16-0 Florida State at halftime and then N.C. State out-scored the Seminoles 17-0 in the second half and scored the game-winner with just 16 seconds left to play in the game…*****

Mike Glennon(N.C. State) 30/55 for 259 yards and 2 TD’s and 1 INT…..


  1. Unfortunately as a fan of NC State sports, this will only mean that TOB will at least finish out his contract with State. It is nearly impossible for Debbie to fire TOB when you are 4-2 with a win like last night and now the likelihood of another bowl year. I am willing to bet that Debbie had already pulled her “wish list” of future coachs out of her secret vault and she was checking out their individual games throughout the day but at around 12 midnight she was force to put it back into the vault until another year. The only hope now is for UNC to crush State by 25 pts or more or another bowl in Alamaba with PapaJohn and losing to say a Alamaba State or Middle Tennessee.

  2. One week they are talking fire TOB and the next week they are talking TOB for the Coach of the Year…If TOB moves to (6-0) this year with a win over UNC then he is a lock in Raleigh for at least 2-3 more seasons….In his contract it must say he has to beat the Tar Heels to keep his job and he is doing that with quite regularity….

    Pack and Heels coming soon, but when is that game??? It will be the ‘Game of the Year’ again this year….Games with WAKE and DUKE don’t register…The STATE-UNC game, is ‘The Game’……

  3. how about the blue devils? we want some of the wofpack we have been kicked around for years this is the year of the blue devils

  4. tarheels are not really that big of a game since they are ineligble for bowl games or championship actually there whole season is meaningless

  5. Sort of a shame, but N.C. State will be Off this coming Saturday and then they go to Maryland and then it is time for the trip over to Chapel Hill…

    Still say that is always the ‘Highwater’ game of the year…..There is nothing else in this state to compare to the heat of the rivalry when it comes to college football with N.C. State vs. North Carolina….This is the ‘Game of the Year’……Need to beat Maryland to help set it up,, but nothing can top N.C. State-North Carolina football….

    Pack has to win this game, ’cause this will be the Tar Heels Bowl Game for 2012……

  6. Blue Devils, are they ‘Contenders or Pretenders’?

    Get to their quarterbacks, Boone and Renfree and you will stop Duke…..The Blue Devils are having an exceptional year in football, but if you get to those two Duke QB’s, then Duke is done….

    Just an opinion, but I think it has merit……

    North Carolina will beat Duke, based on the Tar Heels’ pash rush and N.C. State does not play Duke this year….State would also beat Duke….Duke just beat Virginia and let’s also hope that State can take of UVA….State can get up for a game like Duke, better than they can for a game vs. the Cavaliers…..

  7. everybody has an opinion that means as much as a carolina bowl game wont it be interesting if duke plays in a big bowl game while unc watches on tv thats my opinion shame on the heels for cheating

  8. Duke can play in a bowl if they win ONE more game this season.
    UNC CANNOT play in a bowl if they win 6 more games this season.

  9. Call me ‘The Neighborhood Idiot’, but I’ll be more interested in the State-Carolina game than I will be the Bowl Game….To me this is the Bowl Game and maybe that is the problem with some of us….We are way too consumed with this game(State-Carolina) each year….Go ahead and call me, ‘The Neighborhood Idiot’…..

  10. if you think that is a bowl game worthy you are an idiot it is just another meaningless game in a meaningless season just ask james summers

  11. This game could be the turning point with State/UNC.
    If the Pack wins and makes it 6 in a row then that 6 could easily become double digit wins in succession.
    There is more scandal stuff from UNC yet to surface. If the NCAA has to rule on them again while on probation then the result will be MUCH MORE THAN A SINGLE SEASON POSTSEASON BAN.

  12. For those who are not in touch with the schedule…..

    For the Wolfpack and Tar Heel fans, N.C. State vs. North Carolina is the National Championship Game….This is THE GAME!!!

    When the right time comes, just ask Larry Fedora, Tom O’Brien or Dave Glenn and they will tell you what I have already told you…..

    The BIG ONE is coming……

  13. What does Smokey Glenn know,Andy?
    That guy is more FOS than a Christmas turkey.
    TOB will have his guys ready.
    Mr.Hat will run all kinds of trick plays,fake punts, fake field goals etc because he has nothing to lose but a game that his 2 predecessors have lost 5 straight times. All these fake kicks will fall right in with the “Carolina Way” and all the fake classes his players take.

  14. Aggies I mean wolfpack. Why can`t you guys ever just proud of your program instead continuing to throw other programs under the bus.
    Why should i or we expect anything less your fan base last week was throughing your own local sensation Dudley alum David Amerson under the same bus for in packnations opinion of throwing the Tenn / Miami for point shaving.

    This is why these local kids turn the other way when in comes to state recruiting they a.) talk only about other programs short comings not praising their selves b.)
    will turn on a kid in a ny second ask Amerson.

    Your fan base needs to grow up and quiet urinating in the stands like a bunch of redneck farm animals.

  15. If UNC-Cheat fans will lose their arrogance then Pack fans will stop throwing them under the bus.
    BTW– I do not criticize NCSU players. David Amerson is a great player. He may have had a rough time in Miami but he was not the only one. Football is a team sport and no one player casues either a win or a loss.Had Amerson been the only Pack player to have a sub-par game in Miami then State would have won.
    It is the ongoing arrogance of UNC fans that have created ABC fans of State, Duke,Wake, ECU and other fanbases.
    Even if the NCAA does its job and hangs Penn State style sanctions on UNC and causes them to skip post season play in football and basketball for 4 years their fans will still claim to be better than other schools that did not cheat. They think rules and regulations are for every school in the country except for UNC.

  16. You are what everybody thinks you are DELUSIONAL. The witch hunt is not getting any national attention. Only the New and Observer out of Raleigh which is owned by Curtis Media that group LLP. is CO-OWNED by some ncsu grads. Anyone can do the math, its a witch hunt at it`s finest.

    But keeping throwing stones that it what you guys do best, hell last week your coach was getting canned after the season now you all want to provide him with an extension. The bottom line you will throw your very own under the bus at any seconds notice because your DNA tells me so.

  17. Hey Dennis,
    It ain’t over ’till its over.
    There have been National media stories on what Dr.V. has posted.
    Yahoo,Sporting News, The Biglead etc.
    UNC is far from out of the woods yet.

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