More numbers from Saturday’s college games with Dowdy, Amerson, Maynard and Allen having big games

Games from Saturday for more of our local products….

Ricky Dowdy(High Point Central) with 5 tackles, 2 assists, plus 2 tackles for a loss and 1 sack for N.C. State in the Pack’s 17-16 win over #3 Florida State…(7 total tackles)

David Amerson(Dudley) and David had 5 tackles and 1 assist for N.C. State….(6 total tackles)

Zach Maynard(Grimsley) went 25-30 passing for 295 yards and 4 TD’s with 1 INT for the Cal Bears, in their 43-17 victory over #25 UCLA….

Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford) had 8 receptions for 79 yards and 2 TD’s for Cal in the UCLA game….