Groh let go, as he is told to leave Georgia Tech and in his defense, there was not much defense:The ‘Wrambling Wreck’ was a wreck


Al Groh could say, “I told you so”, and that he had to go, but he has done it all, in college and in pro….I remember when he was an assistant under Bill Dooley at North Carolina, and then he was the head coach at Wake Forest and then he went to the New England Patriots and the New Giants and finally he was the head coach at the University of Virginia….Groh has always been on the ‘Go’….Head coach and then assistant coach, offensive mind and then defensive coordinator…..

Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh has been fired, the school announced Monday.

Expectations were much higher for Groh’s defense this year, as it was the program’s third season in his 3-4 scheme, but it has been one of Georgia Tech’s most glaring weaknesses in the team’s 2-4 start.

Georgia Tech has allowed more than 600 total yards in two of the past three losses, and an average of 46 points per game in that span.

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