Who Is The Player Of The Year? (Right Now)

At this point in the High School Season, we’d like to know who is YOU think is the player of the year. Our poll is in the lower right column of the home page. The three candidates that have made the cut for voting:

  • TJ Logan from Northern Guilford
  • Malik Moseley from Southern Guilford
  • Richard Hayes III from Dudley

If we missed anyone, we will run this poll again closer to the end of the season.


  1. Maybe you should have a category vote for offensive and defensive players of the year!!

    Maybe even a annual All-Guilford County team.

  2. I agree with Football fan, rarely is the defense included in anything written in the News and Record or here on this site. It takes both the offensive and defense to play football.

  3. We did a little survey on the Top Defenders this past weekend and included names like:
    Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford)
    Germaine Pratt(High Point Central)
    and Albert McLain(Dudley)

    Got some other nominees???

  4. Sparks-Ragsdale needs to be included on this list. He has to be in top 5 in tackles within the county and probably more interceptions than any linebacker.

  5. Has to be Logan. Along with his stats, he has already signed with Carolina. He was being recruited by many major D1 schools. That should tell you what you need to know.

  6. Ragsdale’s Top Defensive Player is almost like a three-headed monster with Duncan Sparks, Winston Craig and Brian Nwokolo all outstanding…Those three all have to be college-bound..They can play the game….

  7. Exactly Andy. All 3 Ragsdale boys will play after HS. All are fast for their positions and play every play. Nwokolo has tons of sacks and can fly. Craig is the best interior lineman around and he is fast and can even play TE. neither of those 2 can be blocked. Sparks can run and makes tackles sideline to sideline yet also hard to throw over him. Speed to cover deep routes.

    The most athletic kid may be Pratt at HPC. He can fly. His technique is poor, his read steps are bad but he is so fast he can make up for it. With some strong coaching he may be dominant in HS. Combine his raw talent with proper technique and he could be scary good. Jalen Forrest is also very athletic at SS/OLB. Has speed and can hit. Legit 6’1″ 190lb. He could probably play SS in college now. Register has raw talent and when Coach Davis has done a good job with him. he will be the biggest recruit to come out of here in some time, if he works at it. McLain at Dudley is also very talented. Plays run and pass well.

    Offensively there is a lot of talent, EF QB is under-rated in my opinion. However the conversation starts and stops with TJ Logan. he has a different gear.

  8. Be sure to vote in the poll spot over in the left hand column of the home page….Scroll down and you are there in the left hand column….

  9. Another top linebacker nominee should be Rubin Crosby/HPC; kid can fly and tackles everything, he and the aforementioned SS Germaine Pratt are the 2 biggest reasons why the Bison have the BEST defense in Guilford County this 2012 season.

    A good fortune for HPC to have two of the top defensive stars in Guilford County.

  10. I’d say the Nighthawks have the POY in TJ Logan and the best defense in Guilford County. They have only allowed 35 points in seven games, the Bison has given up three times as many!

  11. I took a quick glance at Northern Guilford’s scores and yes they do have a very stout defense. But I also don’t think Eastern Guilford, McMicheal, or Williams would have scored very much against this Bison defense either.

    Common opponents: Page, NW Guilford

    Northern Guilford 14 vs Page 7
    Northern Guilford 14 vs NW Guilford 0

    HP Central 20 vs Page 14
    HP Central 20 vs NW Guilford 14

    Based off those scores it shows NG does indeed have the better defense, but I guess that also means HPC has the better offense of the two as well! LOL

    By the way, Bison Nation would love to welcome the Mighty NightHawks to their very 1st appearance at Simeon Stadium one day, let’s make it happen!!!

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