One-on-One interview with former North Carolina Tar Heel football coach Butch Davis

Jeff Gravley, the sports anchor for WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh, sat down with former UNC Tar Heel football coach Butch Davis and he got the coach to open up a bit about what was going on at North Carolina, prior to when the NCAA came in and said it was time to clean this program up…There is talk of $100.00 bills floating around, John Blake going bad and Jenifer Wiley benig approved by the UNC Board of Tutors….

We didn’t get him, but Jeff Gravley did and Jeff has not been endorsed by Howard Coble, but we will endorse this interview and tell you it is worth checking out and the comments are pretty interesting too….

CLICK HERE to get it all……Text, video, comments and more for….And we brought it to you in the Triad…..