Football Picks – Are You Smarter Than The Toss of a Coin?

We’re running 3 Football Picks Contest every week and it is embarrassing when we look at the picks…. There are times when folks who have won must have been using a COIN TOSS to determine their winners.

There have been weeks that if you only picked the Home Teams, you would have WON the Contest!

Granted our prizes are small, but the entry fee is ZERO DOLLARS and ZERO CENTS. You could win a Dozen Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, a 12 Pack of Dr. Pepper or 2 Buffets from CiCi’s Pizza. (Prizes for High School, College and Pros respectively.)

Both College and Pros have games tonight, so get your entries in and WIN!.

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  1. Mick and Ben say that this has been a very difficult year. We are going to be using more Tebow this week in hopes of improving on our skills. However, when it come to HS and some ofthe collegiate games you select. A coin flip is probably the best approach fur either one of us! I like it.

    Mick and Ben

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