We have lost another ‘sports personality’:Beano Cook, the “Cardinal of College Football”, gone at age 81

Beano Cook was the man…He had a certain dry way of getting his points across and he was what they call an ‘icon’, of collge football…He was with CBS, ABC, and then ESPN and before that he was such a big part of the University of Pittsburgh athletics, that they named their media center at Pitt, in his honor back in 2002….

I still vaguely remember Beano, doing the Prudential College Football Scoreborad on ABC and that might have been after Dave Diles had stepped away from that role…Initially Beano could seem overly dry and boring to you, but he had this sarcastic way of delivering his sports that made you listen, just to see where he was coming from and where he might be going next, with the sports….

Beano was very big on the ‘College GameDay Show on ESPN’ and his name Beano, was known thoughout the world of sports…I saw a clip at lunch where he was doing a sports report with Jack Whitaker at ABC and they were wearing those bright yellow ABC TV sports coats and they really stood out and Beano always stood out, because of his creative way of dealing out the sports news and in particular, the news that was all about College Football….Beano Cook was one of the legendary characters and he is one name, that you will not foget for a long time to come….

It has been a busy exit plan for the people in the football world this week…One day you lose Alex Karras and the next day you look up and Beano Cook is gone….(Beano was originally from Boston, the home of the Boston Beans/Beantown and when he moved away, one his of new friends game him the name, ‘Beano’ and Cook picked up the Beano and ran with it early, since at that time, he was only 7 years old)…..

Great video clips from ESPN.com when you CLICK HERE and we will miss Beano Cook and his dry sense of delivery and humor……