Jim Modlin Friday Night Scoreboard – October 12, 2012

10:50 PM – Update #12 – Good Night

Western Guilford – 31
Dudley – 40

High Point Andrews – 41
Randleman – 10

Glenn – 14
High Point Central – 24

Final OT
Grimsley – 24
Smith – 23

Northern Guilford – 42
Rockingham County – 7

Northwest Guilford – 28
Parkland – 7

Page – 38
Southern Alamance – 0

Southern Guilford – 28
North Forsyth – 26

Southwest Guilford – 13
East Forsyth – 69

Southwestern Randolph – 33
Northeast Guilford – 56

Western Alamance – 49
Eastern Guilford – 15

Asheboro – 13
Ledford – 19

Bartlett Yancey – 6
Eastern Randolph – 31

Carver – 28
Atkins – 0

McMichael – 36
Eastern Alamance – 54

Mount Airy – 31
Bishop McGuinness – 12

4th Qtr
Providence Grove – 26
Graham -33

1st Qtr
Reidsville – 3
Jordan-Matthews – 0

West Davidson – 5
Thomasville – 35

Final OT
Wheatmore – 15
Trinity – 14

Burlington Williams – 42
Morehead – 7


High Point Christian
Arden Christ 7 PM

Off: Burlington Cummings, Ragsdale, Southeast Guilford


  1. Putnam and receivers all over it tonight for page. Putnam should have some big numbers passing tonight. 31-0 third

  2. Is it me or do HS refs suck horrible!!!! Do the world a favor watch your assignment and quit watching the game….If you want to watch the game pay the 5 bucks and sit in the stands! So tired of seeing kids work hard AF and you zebras blow it!

  3. Looks like the NFL replacement refs made their way back to HS Football! No accountability with these guys from the NCHSAA! If you fire them they’re out 50 bucks….If a coach complains he gets kicked out for 2 games and could lose his full time job! NCHSAA do a better job training your refs

  4. Hey ref….why do you make such stupid assumptions? I know those coaches at NW and they are good men. They aren’t telling the kids to hold on every play. As a matter of fact, i kow first hand from them once coaching my kid they are teaching character and integrity. chill with the accusations. 16 penalties to 2 is lodsided. Use some common sense.

  5. You need to chill “falsely accused”! No one said NW coaches were bad. Most coaches
    Teach their kids to hold to some extent. It’s natural to hold in NW offense and
    Sometimes you get caught. Dont act so guilty…you won the game

  6. Coaches teaching kids to hold? A penalty that results in a loss of yardage and can negate big plays and and take points off the board?!? That has to go down as the dumbest comment I’ve read on this thread all year.

  7. I have never once heard in my life of someone being taught to hold. This is the reason Ref is sitting in the bleachers watching and pissed a bunch of white kids can win football games. NW gets penalties called on them because their coaches don’t try to intimidate the coaches the whole game like the rest of the teams.

  8. I don’t see Northwest Guilford doing a lot of holding, I see them doing a lot of good blocking….They are a smart team and they don’t need to hold, they know how to block and if they have figured out a way to hold and still can carry out their blocks and they are not getting called for it directly, then that is still blocking and not holding….There is a fine line here the NWG coaches have this team playing for a top spot in their conference next Friday night and they don’t have time now to conducting a holding clinic….If you are a strong lineman, you don’t have to hold, you just block and NWG has a real nice weightroom and from what I have been seeing, they have been using it….

  9. When I played back the the 70’s, we were taught how to hold so that we could avoid the penalty. The Coaches felt we needed to know what holding WAS and what WAS NOT holding. I doubt much has changed. Coaches are going to prepare their teams to play much better teams and how to try to get by.

  10. NW doesn’t hold more than most teams. They are right on the edge and that is good coaching.. what they do a lot of is cut blocking, chipping at the knees and cutting a player when they are already engaged. They also get more than their share of personal fouls. Watch the film and you will understand. Andy cant comment because the last time he might have watched film it was in 8 track..when you play against NW you are thankful when your kid can walk off the field with both knees intact. Hard to find a team more hated or with less respect from their peers.

  11. I was thinking today that Northwest might be classified much like Wake Forest has been over the years…Wake used to get labled as a cut blocking team…..Those old films we used to watch were on small reel to reels….Did see a brief game film in a coaches office one day and it so big they were watching it on the wall….Northwest Guilford is a smart team and they know what to do in a big man’s game and they don’t have all that many big men….

  12. Listen, most teams that run a single, double, and wing t offense will utilize a cut block, especially on the weak side. Also if you know anything about a true wing t team they typically use shoulder blocks versus hands. Shoulder blocking allows for a greater area of contact with the defender, which can be an advantage for a lighter offensive player attempting to block a heavier defender. This means that most of the times their linemen have only 1 “hand” on a defender and often it could NO hands if they are blocking down.

    This statement that (Reality Says: Hard to find a team more hated or with less respect from their peers) is a flat out idiotic comment. If NWG is hated it is most likely because the opposing teams haven’t figured out how to stop what NWG is throwing at them and little to do with them executing “dirty” blocks. Coach Woodruff was name 2010-2011 Piedmont Triad Coach of the Year!

  13. If NW is hated like “Reality says” it is because they were once teh laughing stock of Guilford County and now they win. Everyone lined up to schedule NW to play football. They were good for a 2 to 4 win season. Coach Woodruff and his staff came in and changed all of that. They have not had a Division 1 football player there in years…with the exception of Adam Scott and he is a Walk on at App State (Defensive player of the game this past week). They play teams with D1 players and they find a ways to beat them. This is a good coaching staff and the team is made up of gutsy kids who have learned how to play with heart.

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