Have you seen the ‘Long One’ yet? Will Johnson’s(High Point Central) 52-yard field goal from last Friday’s win over Glenn

This big kick has made it’s way to YouTube and I just got to see it for the first time today and it is a long one…..A real long field goal, by Will Johnson of High Point Central….Very few of the local TV stations had this one, but I heard one of the local radio stations had their own reanactment of this kick after their game, with Dennis White connecting from long range at Dudley High School’s Tarpley Stadium….

This time ‘The Show’ belongs to Will Johnson and you can join us at YouTube and check out that LONG 52-yard field goal when you CLICK HERE…..Just click to check out the kick……

I heard over the weekend that WXII-12 was the only local TV station to have ‘The Kick’, but now we can all relive it on YouTube and watch that LONG 52-yarder…..