New State-wide computer/power Rankings are in for this week

New rankings are in from James Alverson and Nick Stevens at WRALSportsFan’s High School OT and here we are with the local 4-A’s featuring East Forsyth at #2 and then:
Northwest Guilford #14
Dudley #29
Ragsadale #31
Page #34
High Point Central #43
Southeast Guilford #49
Western Guilford #55
Grimsley #69…..
CLICK HERE to see all of the 4-A’s…

In the 3-A ranks we have:
Northern Guilford #2
Southern Guilford #17
Northeast Guilford #35
Eastern Alamance #11
Rockingham County #18
Western Alamance #22
CLICK HERE to see all of the 3-A’s in the Power Rankings…

From the 2-A ranks we have:
High Point Andrews #3
Eastern Randolph #19
Reidsville #20
CLICK HERE for the full 2-A rankings….


  1. I don’t know anything about HP Andrews or why people are speaking or not speaking about them but here is my opinion. #1 – they are in HP and this site seems to focus on Greensboro 80% of the time, High Point 10% of the time and other 10% of the time, #2 – HP Andrews is 2A and most of the focus in Greensboro goes to the 4A schools first and a distance 2nd goes to the 3A teams, #3 – the HP fans (if any) are not pumping up their schools with comments or write ups on this site, and #4 – other than the HP Enterprise, who is carrying stories about schools like HP Andrews, or HP Central (the N&R barely knows that it is located in Greensboro much less Guilford Co).

    Maybe someone in High Point should start their own sports site similar to or I have always wondered why Winston Salem or Forsyth Co has not started a similar site for their sports teams. Heck – I still don’t understand how or why the Triad does not have its own sports network instead having to rely on 2nd hand programming out of Charlotte and Raleigh from only 1 station.

  2. We had some pretty good news/info about High Point Andrews up here on the site last weekend….QB #’s and some other player numbers and we had info on their big game coming up with Carver this week….We get a little more about Central up, but I just happen to know a few Central folks and they keep up abreast….Any inside information, on any of our teams, if you have it, we would love to get it…..

    Thanks……And if Andrews were 4-A and in one of the 4-A conferences with our other Guilford County 4-A teams, I am sure they would be getting more coverage….They do get kind of lost over in the 2-A conferennce with all their like foes being from outside Guilford County……

  3. We slowly but surely keep adding more teams to our talk with East Forsyth, Eastern Alamance, Western Alamance, Rockingham County, Reidsville, and Eastern Randolph getting a few pops/props this week….

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