Marijuana use hits Wake Forest football hard:Ed Hardin says Coach Grobe will not tolerate this

There have been arrests, there have been suspensions, Wake Forest football coach Jim Grobe is very concerned and he is very worried about the overall welfare of his team….

What is going to happen with this problem of marijuana possesion and use by the Wake Forest Demon Deacon football players??? One of our own from Guilford County, Airyn Willis from Southwest Guilford, has been caught up in this mess and he was among the six that were suspended right before the Maryland game, by Coach Grobe….

The word is Coach Grobe holds his players his players to a higher standard and that they will be held accountable for their actions….Could all of this spell the end of certain football players and their careers at Wake? Could all of this weigh so heavy on Coach Grobe, that he might decide to call it quits at Wake and just walk away???

Coach Grobe can’t be happy about trying to put a winning football team on the field and having to deal with these marijuana problems at the same time….

What will happen at Wake Forest and could this be the beginning of the end for the key parts of their football program???

Ed Hardin of the News and Record feels Coach Grobe will keep his feet to the fire and that he can work through all of these problems, but it will not be an easy task and that Wake is worried about how the outcome of all of this will effect their football program and the Wake Forest community….

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