The ‘Play of the Day’ is not a clean play, it is a ‘Dirty and Brutal Play’:Knee to the head in Utah girls soccer game

High School girls soccer game out in Utah, where one young lady was already laying on the ground in pain from an injured ankle, and here comes a girl on the other team and she knees the injured girl in head, while she is laying on the ground….

This one will deserve at least a second and maybe a third look…It is all coming in from YAHOO! Sports and you’ll see that this move is dirty, brutal and totally uncalled for and the girl that swung here knee upside the defenseless girl’s head, that girl needs to be banned from playing any more soccer games in Utah, or in any other state for that matter…Someone who does something like that, does not deserve to play the game, or be allowed on any sports field, of any kind….

One of the worst things that you’ll ever see and you need to see it, just so you can say that you agree with me…CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about…..

*****This one of those moves that they do in Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)…..*****