News on that Northern Guilford win over Morehead from Friday night

No box score at News and Record, no box score at or at Rockingham, so I went to and got all that I could, because I think that people are curious and they want to know how the game broke down and here are the pieces of the puzzle that I was able to gain and put together from…

TJ Logan had 3 TD runs in the game, coming from 12, 10 and 8 yards…..Ryan Johnston scored for Northern on a 42-yard TD run…..Austin Coltrane completed a 20- yard pass to Matt Page for a TD…..Alex Hassler made a 15-yard field goal for Northern….There is one phantom Nighthawk touchdown that is unaccounted for at MaxPreps and Hassler missed on one of his PAT kicks……The final was 44-8 Northern and we are in there on all but that one TD…..We have accounted for 38 of the 44 Nighthawk points….Not bad tonight….

*****Malik Parker with the missing touchdown for Northern Guilford…..*****

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