With their season on the brink, how many wins for the Carolina Panthers now in 2012?

The Carolina Panthers are currently (1-5) after Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys and they just fired their general manager this morning….The season is on the brink and how do you see it all ending now??? Looks like they have hit ‘Rock Bottom’, but how do the finish???

Carolina Panthers with:
3 Wins
4 Wins
5 Wins

More than 5 or less than 3???

How does it all look when the dust final settles at the end of December?

Do the Panthers go (3-13), (4-12) or (5-11) ??? Or do you see a dark cloud hanging around for a (2-14) year, or do you see a big nice positive cloud, with a silver lining taking the Panthers on to maybe a strong finish, at (6-10) again???

Got any great predictions? Is this season history?? Can Cam Newton turn this thing around??? When do the Panthers play the Redskins???? Is coach Ron Rivera’s job safe?????

Lots of questions and does anybody have any answers?

*****I’ll go with the (3-13) and the entire team could be looking for work next season, including the coach…..*****


  1. Panthers will finish 6-10. They will get 2 emotional wins (against the Bears – next game and the Redskins – because they are a historic “neighborhood” team). They will win 2 additional games just to protect individual jobs and finally they will finally win 1 of those last second games (against the Eagles) just to leave us with enough hope for the next year. The roster will be changed a lot and they will be rebuilding next year but get 8 or 9 wins and either make the playoffs or miss it via their last game of the year. Luck will run out of luck and RG3 will be experiencing a similar fate as Cam this year because I hate their coach and the owner is too Jerry like to not screw it up.

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