Former UNC quarterback Matt Kupec will payback $16,000:’Travel/Tammi Gate’ coming to a close?

I guess you could say the former UNC quarterback Matt Kupec is dropping/going back, back, back, but he’s really paying back, back, back $16,000 in travel expenses….

The former Tar Heel QB and major fundraiser, has decided to pay back the money he spent on travel, to some parts unknown at the time to the university, plus he did not tell his former UNC fundraising associate/friend Tammi Hansbrough where this travel money was coming in from/the part about it being ‘university money’ and Kupec has decided to pay back the $16,000 and to get things right with the school he helped put on the football map, many years ago…..Kupec was the ‘Million Dollar Man’-plus when it came to raising money for UNC-CH and he hated to lose his job over the ‘Travel/Tammi Gate’ but sometimes, that is how it happens…

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