Have you made up your mind about the Carolina Panthers???(5-11/4-12/3-13?)

The Carolina Panthers are currently (1-5) after Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys and they just fired their general manager Monday morning….The season is on the brink and how do you see it all ending now??? Looks like they have hit ‘Rock Bottom’, but how do they finish???

Carolina Panthers with:
3 Wins
4 Wins
5 Wins

More than 5 or less than 3???

How does it all look when the dust final settles at the end of December?

Do the Panthers go (3-13), (4-12) or (5-11) ??? Or do you see a dark cloud hanging around for a (2-14) year, or do you see a big nice positive cloud, with a silver lining taking the Panthers on to maybe a strong finish, at (6-10) again???

*****We are hearing everything from (6-10) to (3-13) so far…..Time for you to make the call….*****


  1. I see this all heading to the (4-12) season for the Carolina Panthers and they win three more games and that is it.

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