In volleyball Providence High(Charlotte) plays at Piedmont Triad top seed Northwest Guilford with new PHS coach:Shakeup in Charlotte

This doesn’t really effect the Triad top seed in Volleyball, the Northwest Guilford Vikings, but it sure has had an impact on Providence High School, from Charlotte…(Providence High at Northwest Thurday night at 7pm)

Providence has a brand new volleyball coach this week and the school now has a new Athletic Director too…What is going on down there….Looks like it could well be some issues dealing with conduct and we have will have to wait and see, but it does get your attention in the sports circles when a school lets go one of their top coaches and the leader of their athletic department, at pretty much the same time….

Female volleyball coach and male athletic director and the new girls coach is a man….Not sure if any of that has anyting to do with anything dealing with the main issue at hand, but this is just all merely based on what is related to the facts currently at hand, and there aren’t many, but again, any time the school terminates the coach and the AD at the same time, it makes you wonder if there was serious smoke coming from that fire…..

One of readers sent me the text, “Providence High releases volleyball coach and athletic director and I really didn’t think much of it and then I followed up and read the post at the Charlotte Observer and it got my attention, that is for sure….

Read it all and see what you think??? CLICK HERE to read all….CLICK HERE to go to the front page of the Charlotte Observer and they hava a photo of the vollleyball coach there right now….