Middle School Football Today as the season begins to wind down(Please send us your scores at the end of the games)

The season is leaving us in a hurry and here is what we have so far for today in our Guilford County Middle School Games….Hairston Middle over Penn-Griffin on Tuesday afternoon, score to follow…Hairston 34, Penn-Griffin 14…Hairston(6-0)

Southwest Guilford vs. Jamestown Middle at Ragsdale High School….This will be for the Championship of their conference and the start time will be right around 5:30pm….

Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford

Kiser at Mendenhall

Southeast Middle at Kernodle Middle

Northeast vs. Aycock at Page High School…5:30pm

Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford

*****We may have games and if we do, let us know so we can add them to our list….*****Thanks to all that have sent games our way…..*****


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