Middle School Football for this week

Just a few games left this week…..

Tuesday:Allen Middle at Guilford Middle 5pm
This game has been moved to Thursday:Jackson vs. Kiser at Grimsley HS 5:30pm
Thursday:Kernodle at Northwest Guilford 5:30pm


  1. Why did Northern Middle not show up to play Mendenhall on their rescheduled day? Sounds funny to me.

  2. Because they couldn’t play back to back games in a week. They forfeited the game. What’s funny about that? NGMS is pitiful this year…hasn’t won a game. Nothing funny bout that either. Move on to some other conspiracy theory dude.

  3. Nunya – sound like you are the one with the problem. I just wondered why they didn’t make up the game. Other teams seem to be playing this week. So give on them I guess right because they haven’t won a game? Didn’t know that but thanks for sharing. Yeah it was a big conspiracy for sure. Stay tuned for the next one Nunya!

  4. Northern HAD to cancel their rescheduled game with Mendenhall beacause their game with Jamestown was cancelled due to the rain on Wednesday the 3rd AND Monday the 8th. Jamestown could only play on that Wednesday. With it being a conference game the only option was the early release day of the 17th. Mendenhall was rescheduled for the 18th… and they are non conference… cinference takes presidence.. AND you dont play two football game consecutivley. The ONLY games Northern did NOT have to reschedule due to rain or deaths on the coaching staffs families were the last two. That 5 out of 7… It has been a nightmare of a fall season. Those boys had to play 5 games in three weeks. They worked hard and came to play every game… its a shame to call middle school kids that work hard ..”pitiful”. Im proud of those boys… they never gave up and continued to fight with all that was thrown at them.
    NOW on to Winter sports!

  5. @basehitter I feel for these kids. My boys played for Mendenhall last year and Northern was a tough game for us. When my boys were in 7th grade they lost all but one game at Mendenhall but last year they had an awesome season. Northern’s kids will bounce back. They are not pitiful…they will be stronger because of it next year. Good luck..oh and Go Page JV!! yay

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