Still taking note of those High School Football Names and Numbers

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*****We have added Jordan Putnam of Page to our passing department…*****

Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford) 1,950 yards and 30 TD’s…(Up to date on Moseley.)
T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 1,849 yards and 25 TD’s…(Up to date on TJ.)
Richard Hayes III(Dudley) 1,601 yards and 31 TD’s…Up to date here on Hayes..)
Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 1,466 yards and 17 TD’s….(Up to date.)
Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 1.306 yards and 24 TD’s on the season…(Up to date on Cartwright.)

Justin Johnson(High Point Central)in the All-Purpose category:164-312 att/cmp 2168 passing yards with 15 TD’s….Justin Johnson with 1043 yards rushing and 13 TD’s…3,211 total yards and 28 TD’s total….(Up to date on Justin.)
Richard Hayes III(Dudley)1,601 yards rushing and 31 TD’s…Hayes with 1190 yards passing 4 TD/2791 total yards and 35 TD’s….(Up to date on RH3)
Jordan Putnam(Page HS) going 129-220 passing, for 1,678 yards so far this season and he has thrown for 16 TD’s….(Up to date on Putnam.)
Quentin Chavis(High Point Christian):110 for 203/1607 yards and 13 TD’s….(Up to date on Chavis.)
Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews):73-120 passing for 1398 yards passing and 20 TD’s…(Up to date on Lamar.)

Will Johnson(High Point Central):10-10 on field goals/35-35 PAT’s/36.7 punting average on 33 punts/32 touchbacks on kickoffs…(Pretty much up to date on Will Johnson.)

*****Would still like to see the Total Tackles for Rubin Crosby(High Point Central). Feel certain that Crosby leads the area…*****We see Rubin Crosby at 133 tackles for the season…..

More key High Point Central numbers Receiving:
Juwon Foggie WR – 56 rec 833 YDS 6 td’s
Brandon Couden WR – 34 rec 433 YDS 1 td


  1. Andy……..Have you checked the #’s for Jalen Gavin from Page? I don’t think the kid is getting the credit he deserves! He at least has 13 TD and has caught huge 3rd down conversions for 1st downs that keeps the drive moving! For him to have to share the ball between 4 others and still have 13 TD says alot for this kid, taking nothing away from Logan (because I do think he is the best RB in the state) but he is their only offense just like Mosley is for Southern and both touch the ball between 95%-98% of the time. While taking nothing away from Putnum this year he has steeped is performance up and looks real good, however I agree with the Grimsley fan that made the commit after that game that Jalen Gavin does what great players do, and puts the team on his back and carries them, and deserved MVP of that game! And if not that game how about the Dudley games??? Three tds and threw a beautiful pass for a TD……And he runs the wildcat for TDs! Just saying just because the kid is just a Jr still give him some credit too!!

  2. I would really like to get some overall numbers on Jalen Gavin….We had him as our ‘Player of the Game’ in the Dudley game….He can really do a of things…..Definitely a talent on the football field and on the basketball court….That kid only knows one gear/speed and that is OVERDRIVE.

  3. To what about number 2. No doubt Gavin is talented and has been key to winning. But to say he deserved the MVP in the Grimsley game is way off base. Putnam scored 5 TD that game 2 Passing and 3 rushing I think. Without his passing ability this year those players wouldn’t get their hands on the ball. I admit Gavin is very talented and has made some great plays and deserves his numbers put up, but
    Putnam is the leader of this team this year and has been well deserving of everything he earned.

  4. We’ve got Southern’s Reggie Gallaspy with 1466 yards and 17 TD’s to along with Malik Moseley’s 1,950 and 30 TD’s…

  5. Andy that tells me one thing…Southern has a hell of an offensive line. The QB and receivers for Southern are pretty darn good too. Can’t wait until they meet Nothern.

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