High Point Central parents very upset with the delays in gymnasium renovations:There’s no place like home, but can’t use it

No games in the High Point Central main gymnasium to start the new season…No games in the High Point Central main gym until at least January 2013 and even that time frame can not be guaranteed by the Guilford County School Board…

Things are running way behind with the renovations at the High Point Central High School main gymnaisum and the HP Central parents are not all too happy, about the way the process has been unfolding….The basketball coaches can’t be very pleased with the progress either and the teams'(girls and boys) first games will be played versus High Point Andrews at High Point University…

The work on the main gym is supposed to be complete by early January, but more delays are still not out of the question….Coaches Battle and Free must feel like they are playing basketball behind the eight ball, with the way the work on their main gym has taken a turn for the wrong exit door and they probably feel like they are locked out of their home and can’t find any way to get back in, so they can start playing basketball at home again….

CLICK HERE to get more details on what happened at the meeting to discuss the problems and the meeting was helf last night at High Point Central….

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  1. The entire process of upgrading facilities at our county schools is horrendous. The issue is construction projects should be ran and handled by businessmen not politicians.

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