Trade talks swirling around Carolina Panthers’ WR Steve Smith:Time to move #89?

Is it time to trade Steve Smith? The Carolina Panthers are receiving some inquiries about their all-time leading receiver, leading up to the Thursday NFL trade deadline and it might be time to take a closer look at moving #89, while you can still get something in return…Maybe a few decent draft picks and you give Smith the opportunity to possibly play for a winner and a contender, as we approach the mid-way point of the NFL season….

Time to make a move and do you move Steve Smith, while you are already in the process of trying to get rid of runningback DeAngelo Williams???

CLICK HERE to see more and I’m sure we will be hearing more about this over the next 24 hours….


  1. Steve is the only player on this team that I am willing to tune into week after week. I love the potential of Cam but without Steve on the field he will not be success this year. I am sure there are at least 10 teams in the NFL that would love to have someone like Steve on their roster. It would be best for Steve if he is traded but man I will miss his energy and emotions. If he leaves, he needs to make sure his departure is smooth and without mixed words because this organization owes him a statue in front of the stadium within 5 years of his retirement from the league.

  2. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports is talking about it, so there must be some motion and this move must have ‘some’ legs….

  3. John Fox and the Denver Broncos should pick up Steve Smith. He would make a great target for Peyton Manning and John Fox knows first hand what Steve Smith can do. Smith can do it for the Broncos and he gives them a big play receiver as soon as he steps on the field and he will help take them to the playoffs.

    Steve Smith to the Denver Broncos.

  4. Houston would be a great fit for Smith. They need a good # 2 receiver behind A. Johnson, and with Foster and Johnson on the field, Smitty would have plenty of room to roam. Smitty deserves another shot at a Super Bowl, if everyone played with his energy football would be amazing to watch!

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