Big Double E/Eric Ebron(Smith HS) doing ‘Everything’ for North Carolina Tar Heels’ football team

Eric Ebron(bEN l. Smith High School) has found himself a home on the football field for the North Carolina Tar Heels and it doesn’t matter if it is offense or defense, he is doing both and on offense he is in the process of breaking all of Mike Chatham’s receiving records for tight ends and it just never seems to end, Big Double E/Eric Ebron had everybody talking, the Tar Heel coaches, players and fans and the fans of the other teams are talking too…Ebron is the talk of the towns(Greensboro, Chapel Hill and Raleigh), the talk of the state(North Carolina and N.C.), the conference(ACC) and the entire nation….


Tar Heel Tight ends coach Walt Bell says Ebron athletically is “as good as anybody I’ve ever been around.”

Ebron is the team’s second-leading receiver with 35 catches for a team-high 546 yards and three touchdowns. His blocking has also been reliable in opening holes for star rusher Gio Bernard.

CLICK HERE to see the Eric Ebron photo and to read more about this player on the rise, who used to be one of us guys…..