Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Pascual “I-285” Perez killed during robbery at his home in the Dominican

Pascual Perez got lost one day on the way to the ballpark(Fulton County Stadium) and kept driving around the stadium on I-285 trying to find his way in…Very interesting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves and other teams and many will never forget this man…When he was on his game, he was one of the best in the business….

from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:(Perez dead at age 55)

Perez was one of the most colorful pitchers to ever play the game. His unusual mound demeanor included taunting batters by pretending to shoot them with a gun formed by his hand and throwing a slow, high-arcing curveball known as an “Eephus pitch.”

After being traded from the Pirates to the Braves during the 1982 season he famously missed a start because he kept circling Atlanta on I-285 while trying to find Fulton County Stadium, earning him the nicknames “I-285” and “Perimeter” Perez.

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