Great day for College Football on Saturday:CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX everybody had it!

Was a good day for college football on Saturday, with many big games to be seen and at one time on Saturday afternoon/early Saturday evening, you had four games on at the same time, on all four of the major networks…..

NBC had that Notre Dame win over Pittsburgh in 2 Overtimes…A missed field goal by Pitt in that first overtime session, made this game even closer and the ‘Fighting Irish were able to pull it out…ND still unbeaten…

ABC had Kansas State and Oklahoma State and K-State stayed unbeaten with the win, but this game didn’t do much for me….

FOX had the Oregon-Southern Cal game and when you have a score of like 61-52, I don’t think that does much for the integrity of the game…Oregon Ducks still unbeaten, but when you give up that many points, are you a serious threat to win the National Championship?

CBS was on top of it all, with the ‘Game of the Day/Night’ and this one had all the drama that any sports fan could want…Alabama-LSU and the Tigers out-played the Crimson Tide pretty much all night long, but on the last drive, the LSU defense was playing ‘soft pass coverage’ and it cost LSU the game…The Alabama quarterback, McCarron, was crying at the end of the game, but the LSU QB is the one that should have been crying….His team had it and they let it slip away, on that last drive by Alabama….They say the top teams step up when it is all on the line and that is what Alabama did last night….When it mattered the most, Alabama was there to take the game away from LSU….Alabama still unbeaten and should remain #1….

The Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game and the Alabama-LSU game were two of the best games that you will ever see and nobody gets into the games, like the college crowd does….You never see pro football crowds reacting like those college crowds did and do on a regular basis…The college crowd is really into the game and it is not mean-spirited…They seem to love the setting and the whole college experience….

Notre Dame and Alabama big Winners on Saturday, but the voters are going to give Kansas State a long look, cause they are a heavy underdog-type favorite….