Rodney Brewington has stepped down as the head football coach of the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles

Coach Rodney Brewington has called it quits as the head football coach for the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles…Reports coming out today, that Coach Brewington is out, after his Eagles finished this past season at (0-10)….Always thought of Coach Brrewington as a stand-up guy and hate to see him step down/leave, but sometimes you have to do, what you have to do….

Under Coach Brewington, Smith ran off 10 straight victories to start the 2010 season at (10-0) and then they lost their last regular season game to Southern Alamance and then proceeded to drop their Round One playoff game to High Point Central, at Smith…

On that 2010 team Coach Brewington had TE/DE Eric Eborn(now playing a starring role at North Carolina), there was QB Jeff Simms, RB Elijah Jordan, LB/RB Duke McCoy, RB Marlon Hughes, DE Kiandre Thompson, WR Quinton Able, DB DeMari Boswell, OL Ramses Rojas and many more talented Golden Eagles….

Smith and Page tied for the Metro 4-A Conference Title in 2010, both posting (5-1) conference marks, but the Eagles topped the Page Pirates, but Page beat Southern Alamance, the only conference team to knock off Smith that year….

I can see Coach Brewington coaching elsewhere, either as a head coach or an assistant coach and if does not choose to continue coaching, he would make some high school a very good Athletic Director…I think Coach Brewington could handle things at the administrative level….

from Chris Hughes at

Rodney Brewington, the 2010 Coach of the Year completed one of the most remarkable turnarounds when he led the Eagles to a 10-2 record just two seasons after he inherited a program that had gone 2-31 in the previous three seasons before his arrival.

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  1. There will be at least one other Guilford County football coach to leave.
    You heard it here 1st!

  2. Vinny, will this coach resign or retire???

    You sound like you are on to something, can you give us some hints???

  3. Andy,

    Better check around the Northern part of the county and no, not Coach Rosco……

  4. There were rumors going around about Roscoe.
    If I find out anything in the next day or so I will post.

  5. Nothing would happen at NG until after Dec. 1….That is their target date for right now….

    We are hearing blue state, purple state, red state…

    I would say all moves are on hold for the next few weeks…

    We will keep you up to date and it sure wouldn’t be bad to leave out with Three State Titles, but all of that is still in the barn for now……

  6. Was he pressured to leave? I have heard that the CEO at Smith has forced alot of people to “resign” since he has been in charge over there.
    Andy, any truth to that ?

  7. Oh no could the Whirlies be looking again, three years and seven wins and an offensive coordinator who would be a good head coach could spell doom for someone. The AD likes exercising his power so not too far fetched. There did not use any names

  8. I allways felt that Coach Brewington and the ‘Powers that Be’ at Smith had a very good working agreement….I feel it was more of a deal where Coach Brewington felt he could produce a winner somewhere and he might have reached the point where he felt like he could not win at Smith….You get a coach who knows he can win if given the right circumstances and they are just not there at Smith….How can that change at Smith? Must happen at the lower levels with Allen and Jackson….Saw scores from both of those feeder teams this year and they were way behind…In some cases almost light years behind…..They need help bad at that level and somebody there must step up/step out and lead those kids, so they can get better and it even comes at the level below the Middle Schools, all the way down at the Rec ball in that area…It sure makes a difference if the kids have some sort of football knowledge by the time they get to Middle School…That is a huge help…If you have to spend all of your time teaching the Middle School kids how to play the game from scratch, then you won’t have much time to game coach…The bottom line is you will be teaching kids where to line up and what the plays are during games and that can be very frustrating for a coach….

    If the kids have a solid knowledge of the game by the time they get to the Varsity level then the coaches can coach and they don’t have to spend so much time teaching the game to players from square one…..Got to get a foundation under you before you can build the house or the football program…That is what is happening at Grimsley now….They have stayed the course and it has been a steady course, but the fans have to remain patient…Grimsley was qualified for the playoffs this season, they just lost out on the luck of, or the unlucky draw….Grimsley is getting a better and more prepared talent pool from Kiser these days…The Kiser program has come a long way and that is due to better and more diligent coaching….The Grimsley staff is doing it the right way and they have signed up for the long haul and there is no need to change anything now…The QB will be senior next year and they had some very good junior runningbacks this season…Grimsley would be taking a step backwards if they change anything on that football staff right now…Things are finally starting to take off and it might be coming one win at a time, but it is coming and once you get there, then you can look at things differently, because then when you are there, you have to maintain and that is when you can really examine a program….Grimsley is on their way, Give them a chance to get there….

  9. That is a solid analysis Andy. I bet any amount of money if you went to some of those feeder neighborhoods and took the Bloods and Crips colors away and gave them green and gold colors of Smith High, you would probably field a winner. Unfortunately, things are not like they used to be. Sports is a great thing, but I am so sad that people dont appreciate it like I/we did in the old days.

    Andy, fight the good fight. Keep this site talking about sports every day. Keep it fresh in the minds of people. Reach out to those neighborhoods in Smith’s district. Let them know that they are valued. I dont know, I guess we all need to try and do something.

  10. Coach Tommy Pursley(Northeast) is retiring from teaching and coaching around the 1st of the year.
    I have a neighbor with a kid on the team that let me in in this last week. I refrained from posting since he did not tell the team until this afternoon.

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