Will the USA have a new coach at the end of the day?

Will we have a new coach at the end of the day?

I know the commander in chief(President) doesn’t take office until January, but we could have a new coach at the end of this Tuesday….

You have to liken the President to a coach in many ways…The president is hired by the people and then he can be fired by the people and a new coach would then take over our team(USA)…

We are Team USA and the president is our coach/leader….Once elected he has a four-year contract with America and he is our leader/coach….

Barack Obama, our current coach, or Mitt Romney the coach-in-waiting and who will run this Team USA for the next four years????

Mitt’s name almost sounds like a baseball mitt and Barack sort of sounds like he is ready to ‘take it to the Ba-RACK’, as in a basketball rim….

No matter the outcome, you can help determine the outcome, when you get out and cast your vote for ‘The Coach’ today…..Hire or fire, you will be making the call on ‘The Coach’ today…..

Will the USA have a new coach at the end of the day?


  1. This just in….. Obama has an early lead, but it is expected that when the workday ends and the Republicans get off work, they will push Romney over ther top.

  2. Andy – this gets into a slippy slope for a website like this. “77 Hornet” said – “the Republians get off work, they will push Romney over ther top”.. come on 77 Hornet – does that mean that Democrats don’t work. That is the exact problem with politics and many of the groups that support and push one group over the other. The use of words and general statement just don’t make sense any longer. I am not a straight ticket guy but this is one election that I am afraid of a lot of the republican reps across the country. Some of these cats are crazy. I cannot vote for a party that will continue to support a candidate even after he makes beyond crazy decisions and comments just to maintain their party in a specific seat. Obama will continue to coach the team and Romney will continue trying to buy the team and relocate it to a league in China or India.

    Please vote regardless of which side you stand on !

  3. This is some real tough, hard-fought competition going on here today…..

    May the best team-leader win……

  4. It was a joke man. Saw it online this morning, so it’s not even my joke. I thought it was funny though.

  5. Just Vote – based on the way Obumer keeps spending and increasing the US debt, I’d say a majority of the team is already owned by China…

  6. I buy your coaching anology except our coach is still blaming the last coach for his bad decisions. I don’t think most people buy that line anymore. These are your recruits and your decisions now coach. Time to be called to account by your fans and your team.

  7. You would think it would make sense in the future to go ahead and start counting the Early Votes early and that way we could have a score/vote total going into the Election Day….Early Voting and Early Results of the early votes that were cast…

    This might encourage more voters to get out on Election Day if they knew what the score was going into that Tuesday….Shouldn’t be a big deal to go ahead and count those votes early should it?????

    Early Voting and Early Results and some races may be over before the official Election Day, but the races that are close, it would seem like both candidates had the ball on the 25-yard line and they had four downs to get into the White House….The close races with Early Votes being counted and on the scoreboard, would give us the feeling of being in OVERTIME on Election Day….Super Bowl Sunday, how about Super Tuesday?????

    Anybody got the score on the Obama-Romney game or race?

    George Romney just checked back in and he said this one is too close to call and they are in the 4th Quarter and they might be headed for Overtime……

  8. Romney +250 or (in football terms) Romney is +4

    Vegas Mike

    P.S. This does not mean im voting for him.(that u will never know ;))

  9. “77 Hornet” sadly you just don’t get it. Somethings just are not funny and don’t deserve the light of day. I have always thought some of your postings on this site were light hearted and interesting at times but some of your comments recently on this site have proven that you are not what you appeared to be in the past. You sound like someone stick in 1977 or even 1877.

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