Greensboro College Coat, Hat and Gloves Drive for Hurricane Sandy Victims

(GREENSBORO, N.C.) — Hurricane Sandy has left catastrophic devastation in its wake throughout Long Island, New York and many other areas in the Northeast. It’s effects continue to be felt today in many ways, from the lack of many daily goods and services like electricity and gasoline, to more horrific problems like the loss of many homes and towns. The Greensboro College men’s lacrosse team, along with many others, are asking you to help the thousands of people who are in significant need during this terrible time.

We are organizing a relief donation drive at this weekend’s Pride football game against LaGrange to try and bring some warmth and help to those affected. We are looking for any hats, gloves, or jackets that you might be able to spare for the people who have lost so much after Sandy hit the shores.

Your donation of something warm will cover the cost of your admission to the game. After we collect all of the items, we will send them to one of our team families in Long Island and they will be dispersed from there.

Hopefully, you can find some things you own, and do not wear that will be able to help someone else start over and stay warm in the coming months. If you are in need of more information, please contact Dan Cetrone at 336-253-5379 or by email