That 5-Star Jack Twyman Basketball

Was thinking back about some of those old football coaches today and it got me thinking back to some of those basketballs that we used to see and really, there was nothing that could compare to that Jack Twyman 5-Star Sears basketball…

It seems like the 5-Star ball was the best and then you had the 4, 3 and maybe 2-star Sears basketballs and I’m not sure what made one ball better than another, unless it was just a price difference…The thought being, the more expensive the ball, the better the ball…Maybe another factor was one ball(say, the Five-Star) may have had more tread/bumps than the other balls and therefore it should cost more and be a true Five-Star ball and those balls really did have the stars on them back then and the Sears ball, was the marque ball for a serious time period in the late 60’s/early 70’s….

Had to have that Jack Twyman Sears Five-Star basketball….. That ball would make you the ‘King of the Outdoor Courts’…..

Other sports associated names that get you thinking, when you start to trace your sports history/roots include Frank Converse the actor….Always thought that was a cool name….Wow, to have the same name as the famous shoe company…And there was Brian Adidas….Not bad to have the name of another major sports manufacturer….Then there was the man who helped develop the basketball for the NBA, Dolph Schayes….Lots of lost names that come roaring back, on a day where we honor the now-deceased Darrell Royal(Texas Longhorns)…….