Graham Sporting Goods field report from Northern Guilford on Wednesday night

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Was able to make the trip out to Northern Guilford High School on Wednesday evening and got the interview with Coach Johnny Rosoce, that we will use for our radio broadcast on Friday night and we used to do the audio/video combo, but now we have to secure the audio for quality issues with our broadcasting, so we will give you some of the highlights of our interview, before it airs on Friday night…

Coach Roscoe said he was very pleased with the quick start his team had versus Asheboro last Friday night(NG up 35-0 at the end of the 1st Q)….He also said he was a little surprised by the way the Nighthawks were able to get all of those TD’s on the board so quick, but he was not surprised at all with the way T.J. Logan was able to pick up that punt and take it back all the way for the score and really nothing that Logan does surprises Coach Roscoe, Logan is just that talented….

The coach was very impressed with the passing game and with his young receivers in Jamon Reynolds and Cam Harris…Coach Roscoe told us Austin Coltrane is doing a very solid job of running the team from his QB spot and Coltrane’s running and passing are really coming along nicely and I broght up the fact that the offensive line blocked well, for no matter who was in the game, in the backfield….

Coach Roscoe agreed with the positive words about the offensive line and it is like he said, it didn’t matter who was back there, T.J. Logan, Malik Parker, Chris Ripberger, Ryan Johnston, Justin Wallace or even freshman C.J. Freeman, the ‘O’ line was getting the job done….Freeman came up with right at 80 yards rushing, in his first full-time varsity game….

I brought up the numbers that support the work being turned in by linebackers Robert Wilcox and T.J. Ruff and Coach Roscoe was in full agreement with that…The LB’s are making the key tackles and they have been a fierce force on this Nighthawk squad, but as Coach Roscoe noted, there is so much/plenty of help coming up front from his defensive line…Coach Roscoe said he felt that Burnard Sindab had his best game of the season last Friday night versus Asheboro and he also gave solid marks to Austin Simmons, Ryan Johston, Tre Purcell and there is Malik Prieleau too…..The ‘D’ line will need to match what they did against Asheboro and they will need to turn it up a few notches this Friday night, when Chapel Hill comes out to Spencer-Dixon Road….

Coach Roscoe said the Chapel Hill crew is big, real big and it all begins with their quarterback, who stands 6’3 and he weighs 225 pounds….Chapel Hill was very effective running the ball, in their Double Overtime win over Fayetteville Byrd last week and this week, the Nighthawks are going to need to put a stop to that running game…

The Nighthawks have seen quite of bit of Byrd in the playoffs over the past few seasons, but they will get their first look at Chapel Hill on Friday, if our football history books are reading us right today….

Big Chapel Hill team and a BIG GAME at home, for Northern Guilford, in Round Two of the playoffs….If the ‘O’ line is in ‘PrimeTime’ mode again and if the defense with those linebackers and that front ‘D’ line coming on strong come together, I think the rest of the things will take care of themself and that is just me talking there….

Lots of BIG GAMES coming up this Friday night and that is just one look at what we might be seeing with Chapel Hill at Northern tomorrow evening….