Trindon Holliday’s 76-yard punt return vs. Panthers should not have counted:TOUCHBACK instead!

On the day when the Carolina Panthers have fired their special teams coach, we now learn from the NFL’s league office, that the 76-yard punt by the Denver Broncos’ Trindon Holliday should not have counted on Sunday and the Punt Return for a Touchdown, should have been a TOUCHBACK instead….

The league has now ruled, one day after the game is already over, that the correct call should have been TOUCHBACK on Holliday’s long return, since Holliday dropped the football out his hands and he did not have clean/total possession of the football, when he crossed the goal line….Holliday flipped the ball out of his hands and arms before he crossed the goal line and therefore he did not have possession of the ball, when he entered the end zone…(Long story short, Holliday broke the plane without the ball.)

This will probably cause sone stink, because this one play was one BIG reason why Ron Rivera said he let Brian Murphy(Panthers’ Special Teams Coach) go…The punt return by Holliday was the nail in the coffin for Murphy, according to Rivera….

Remember the Panthers had a long run for a touchdown by DeAngelo Williams last week, that the League Office said should not have counted in the Redskins’ game, due to fact that the referee had blown his whistle and many defenders had stopped on the whistle, but Williams TD counted and the Panthers went on to win that game…..

Looks like the Officals/Referees have blown it again……

Read more and catch more details on this one when you CLICK HERE and let’s hope our analysis matches theirs….Read on to see for yourself….