High School Basketball Tonight:GDS vs. Christian Faith(Creedmoor)

Boys Finals:
Greensboro Day School 68
Christian Faith 60

GDS now at (2-0) and led in scoring by JT(John) Terry with 19 points…
Christian Hairston 15 pts.
Reggie Dillard 12
Montrell Goldston 9
Darius Moore 5
Reed Lucas 4
Bryan Rouse 2
Trevor Mayo 2…GDS Bengals very sound down the stretch at the free throw line with JT Terry, Reggie Dillard and Christian Hairston putting them in with regularity…Christian Faith was on their game from the outside and hot from three-point land and GDS did not take their first lead of the game, according to the observers that I talked to, until mid-way through the 3rd period…That is when GDS finally moved in front, after halftime and they had the advantage, up 45-30, at the end of three quarters…Christian Faith led by Rahman with 12 points…The young kid Damon Harge Jr., for Christian Faith, played in the JV game and he is not up to the Varsity level yet, he is still real young, maybe just in the 8th grade this year, but still one of the top, if not the top player in the nation for his age, according to many basketball sites…

*****Good win for GDS against a very competitive opponent, and the Bengals earned their victory tonight and we were there for the second half and talked to Coach Smith, Coach Shelton and Coach Richardson briefly at the conclusion of tonight’s contest….*****


  1. The Damon kid was good in the JV game but he is not as good as a Theo at the same point in the 8th grade. He is a good ball handler but he needs a serious growth period before the 11th or 12th grade. He played with energy and has a good attitude. He will get his D1 offers but I don’t think he will even be in the top 10-15 as a junior or senior without a good growth of 8″ or so. The kid that I was impressed with on the Christian Faith JV team was #11. I don’t know who he is but I can see him being the dominate player for this school within the next 2 years. He could really shoot and he had a good basketball IQ.

    By the way, for anybody that has not seen the GDS JV team, they are the real deal. The GDS JV team could compete and beat most of the area varsity teams. I suggest you come see these kids play out on Cone Blvd over the next couple of weeks.

  2. Dear “Good Talent” – overzealous GDS JV dad. No JV team can beat “most area varisty teams”. That is one of the dumbest statements ever posted on here. Are you “Dale Fulton”. Sounds like something dumb he would say.

  3. No, he is not Dale Fulton. I was at the game, but promised my wife I would not be as controversial. Besides, I have been right most of the time, but I am growing tired of the public versus private, freddy vs. stan, and other comparative controversies—especially with the country going downhill. There are many more important things than HS basketball. have a good year!

  4. What? GDS Jv team definatley could beat many area Jv teams. I want you to come see them play then make a list of area Varsity teams that could beat them.

  5. Coming from public school to private, I wont say that GDS JV can beat most varsity teams, however, I believe that they can compete with the bottom tier teams in public school. Not an endorsement for GDS, but more of a anti-endoresment of public school with all of the better players in Greensboro playing private school.

    In regard to Damon Harge, he’s flashy and has range..The fact that he’s in middle school playing JV is commendable, but GDS has 3 seventh graders and two eighth graders who play JV and contribute.. Had Will, Jordan, Brenan, John John or Snap played the minutes Harge played, three, four or maybe all of them would have easily scored 11 points as well.. In my opinion, I think those five would have given the other team a run for their money..

  6. I too was at the game and thought the best player on the floor for the varsity game was Jonathan Terry. I don’t know if I have seen a kid play that hard in a long time. If you haven’t seen him., you need to. He is fun to watch. In fact, GDS is fun to watch. True I am a fan, but they play hard and together. It is really refreshing. Looking forward to a very exciting year and can’t wait for the great games that lie ahead in January and Febuary against some great teams.

  7. I have always been iimpressed with the work ethic of John Terry….Same can be said for his sister Helen and Janelle Terry and the rest of the family……

  8. How did Will Dillard play last night on JV? He looks like he is going to be a beast ! Watch out Reggie.

  9. Will played good the other night. He needs to get a little stronger to play more with the varsity but he brings a lot of energy to the floor. I love to see kids playing with all out energy regardless of the game situation. This kid is going to be special if he can continue to develop his skill and continues to grow. Will and his teammates are worth the price of admittances for a JV game.

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