Chuck Ogbodo did not play for High Point Christian last night at Oak Hill

Chuck Ogbodo(High Point Christian Academy) did not play last night at Oak Hill due to an NCAA issue regarding his future eligibility. Until this issue is resolved, he will not be playing in order to protect his full eligibility. He still signed with UNC-Wilmington this morning.


  1. Why didn’t Diante Baldwin sign his letter of intent to UNCG today? If you committed in the fall and it is signing day…why wouldn’t you sign?

  2. I think they will get everything worked out with ‘Big Chuck’ and sometimes a kid needs that private school setting….Many of the foreign kids that come in here are church sponsored one way or another and most were not even born here in Guilford County…Quite a few of the churches work to bring these kids here to get them a better start and their athletic skills become a vehicle that gets them going on toward college…The Nigerian kids pretty much are just looking for a chance and schools like HPCA have given them that opportunity….Obacha, Ogbodo, Kobani, Uchedike and others most came from the same setting….Most are getting college scholarships and that’s a good thing and Obacha is starting for Appalachian…..If the kids with the framework for success are out there, you might as well go get them and help them and Rocky Manning has brought quite a few of these kids in here to Guilford County and just wants to see these kids have a shot….

  3. I understand all of that and agree with it, but if by the kids senior year he isn’t qualified, then to me whoever sponsored the kids are wasting money. Why not sponsor a kid right hear that wants/needs a shot for a better future/education if you actually believe the private school will do this? Also for evry 1 that they sponsor that plays ball, sponsor 2 more for purely academic reasons! Will it happen, probably not. What do you think?

  4. Rabid sports fans are going to sponsor athletes and that is going to be hard to change…Some of these kids are not great basketball players when they get here and sponsors see their potential with the height as maybe a ticket to get these kids somewhere so they will a have future and for some this is their only ticket to potential success…. Hope it all goes well for Chuck and others, worked out OK for Rodney Purvis at N.C. State(Upper Room)….

  5. Chuck Ogbodo’s issue has nothing to do with his academics. He is an honor student at HPCA. It has to do with the NCAA’s interpretation of his Nigerian transcript and the amount of years. HPCA is holding him out to make sure he doesn’t lose a year of eligibility by playing this year. This is in Wilmington’s paper from yesterday. He isn’t ineligible.

    Baldwin just needs a test score from what I hear. Which he will get

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