‘Feeding of the 5,000’ promises to be a ‘Football Feast’ when Southern Guilford travels to meet Northern Guilford on Friday night

We need to make this the ‘Feeding of the 5,000, with a real ‘Football Feast’ on Friday night at Northern Guilford High School….

The Southern Guilford Storm at the Northern Guilford Nighthawks and we need to see 5,000-plus fans out there on Spencer-Dixon Road, for that key NCHSSA 3-AA playoff game, tomorrow night….It should be a real ‘Footbal Feast’ and we ought to be able to call this the ‘Feeding of the 5,000’…..

Load up the bus, the car, the truck, the van, the moped, the bike and head out to Spencer-Dixon Road and support these two Title-Seeking teams on Friday night….You don’t always get a chance to see two Guilford County teams go at it, that have never met before, in the history of their two fine academic institutions….

Big Game on Friday Night and we expect to see you there, as we all become a part of the ‘Feeding of the 5,000’, a true ‘Football Feast’, with the Storm taking on the Nighthawks, with kickoff set for 7:30pm…..

The ‘Feeding of the 5,000’, “Don’t Miss It”!!!!!!!!!!

Five Thousand Football Fans, can you smell what ‘The Jock’ is cooking….

11 thoughts on “‘Feeding of the 5,000’ promises to be a ‘Football Feast’ when Southern Guilford travels to meet Northern Guilford on Friday night

  1. What a great game this will be, two time defending champs and one of if not the best team in the state 3A in Northern, and the powerful running game of SG. I believe SG will be better than any of the Nighthawks think they will be. Northern is use to walking all over teams and getting a huge lead and playing backups in 2nd half. I dont see it being that way tonight. Southern is a great team led by a great coach in Coach Brown who will have his team ready to play. Northern might have Logan but SG has two great RB’s (Moseley and Gallaspy) and a great offensive line. I like the matchup of the best defense in the state with Northern and the Offense of the Storm.

    I could be wrong but i see this one being a lot closer than any experts or northern fans expect. Southern’s players will not be scared or intimidated going to play Northern. Those guys at Southern love a big challenge and look for reasons to play harder such as (no one in the county or the state is giving them a chance). SG will play hard and give Northern a good game. Northern better not overlook SG and be thinking they got a free ride to state championship game or Southern will spoil the 3peat for them.

    My Prediction – NG 24 – SG 21, but would not be surprised if SG pulled out the upset if NG overlooks them or is not ready to play b/c Southern is a great football team with some great kids and a great head coach.

    I cant wait for this game tonight, im expecting one of the best games ive seen in a long time, i hope im not dissapointed.

  2. We just need 4,998 more to check in and this could end up being the ‘Game of the Week’, the ‘Game of the Month’ and the ‘Game of the Year’ all rolled into one……”Be There”…..

  3. Trust me no one at NG is overlooking SG. JRoscoe has been around long enough to know better. It will be a good game and probably a close game. Unless SG can pass the ball effectively they are not going to get what they are used to out of the running game. Not all NG games have been cake walks. You have to remember the first 3 games were against 4A teams and a couple were close, hard fought games. The WA game was a tough game so we are battle tested as well but there will be no overlooking any opponent at this point. So no SG wont be sneaking up on anyone nor will NG be overlooking anyone with two 1,000 yard runners. It starts with the O-Line and that is going to be where the action is. A real question is how will SG defense fair against NG offense? So I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds.

  4. I can honestly say…..In my opinion, I don’t think they’ll be a more exciting game tonight than this one. Games like this is what makes foootball.
    **singing** “An-ti-ci-pa-tion. Antcipa-ay-ay-shun…is making me wait! It’s keeping me wa-hay-hay-hay-ting! Lol!!!

  5. Well so much for the SG threat. 42-7 in the 4th. Not much from the SG running backs at all against the stout defense.

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