Maryland on the move?:Will Terrapins take a trip to the Big Ten?

Would hate to see the Maryland Terrapins take off and move on to the Big Ten, but many sources are saying that a potential move by Maryland is in play and due to current budget constraints, they have no choice, but to make this move and join the Big Ten…

Some followers are saying don’t let the door hit you on the way out, but this would remove a Maryland team that has been with us in the ACC territory, since back in the 1950’s…

Goes back to Jim Kehoe, Jerry Claiborne, Charles ‘Lefty’ Driesell, Bobby Ross and the names and the history go on and on….

Maryland says they need the money that the Big Ten TV contract can pay them and this would help the Terrapins bring sports back to their program that they have been dropping in recent years….The money from the TV contract and home games with Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and other Big Ten members is too lucrative for Maryland to pass up…..

CLICK HERE to read all and then you can say/see for yourself, if you think Maryland is on the move…..

2 thoughts on “Maryland on the move?:Will Terrapins take a trip to the Big Ten?

  1. If the ACC cannot fix this problem, then this could continue to go bad (really bad) over the next 2-3 years for the league. If Maryland can find a financial solution to a $50m exit fee, then the ACC could easily lose Florida State and Clemson in the near future. If the ACC has milked all of the TV money that they can from ESPN and any other ACC network fees, then they are headed off the cliff. If you lose Maryland, then you are losing a lot of northern Va, DC, Delaware, southeast Pa and potentially most of Maryland without any real replacements.

    This is not as big as a domino as the Big 12 losing Texas A&M in the short term but this will open the door to all of the interior issues that the league has. It has got to get itself off of this bubble status. What I cannot understand is why does the SEC, Big 10, and PAC 10 have such excellence TV network deals that are paying them millions per school but the ACC Network seems to only have spotty football coverage on Saturday. My cable system has everyone elses conference networks but no ACC Network. The ACC better develop a strong ACC Network within the next 1 or so or they willl be in the middle of the end.

  2. Don’t discount the importance of corporate dollars pulling the strings at Maryland or any other university tied to such money. There are a story that I read last night on that said the head of Under Armour just sold $66M in stock. I would bet that the head of Under Armour has comment to Maryland the $50m exit fee, negiotated a new 10 plus year licensing agreement with Maryland and Rutgers and an inside lane agreement with the Big 10 for a sponsorship deal. The Under Armour head will make back the $50m in less than 2 years. The point or question left is – Who is the ACC most loyal to in the corporate world and who can help bail us out ? The ACC helped build the entire ESPN programming for basketball, and has a strong or dominate position with all the olympic sports and others such as baseball and field hockey. The only gap for the ACC is their performance on the football field. I would suggest that the ACC find some corporate partners for sponsorship that goes beyond TV money similar to how Maryland is connected with Under Armour. We need more high profile sponsors than just Food Lion.

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