ACC Memories of Maryland as the Terps have moved on to the Big Ten

Former Maryland basketball and football players/coaches that quickly come to mind….

1974 ACC Tournament Championship Game(OT) at the Greensboro Coliseum, which many fans have called the greatest game in College Basketball history….Plus so many great Maryland players over the years….
John Lucas
Len Elmore
Tom McMillen
Mo Howard
Owen Brown
Len Bias
Albert King
Ernie Graham
Buck Williams
Walt Williams
Ben Coleman
Gene Shue
Joe Smith
Steve Blake
Juan Dixon
Adrian Branch
Brad Davis
Derrick Lewis
Laron Profit
Lonnie Baxter
Keith Booth
Tony Masenburg
Coaches:Charles ‘Lefty’ Driesell, Gary Williams

Football players and coaches:
Randy White
Norman ‘Boomer’ Esiason
Frank Reich
Frank Wycheck
Neil O’Donnell
Bob Avelleni
Neal Olkewicz
E.J Henderson
Renanaldo Nehemiah
Dick Nolan
Charlie Wysocki
Nick Novak
Steve Novak
Nick Mike-Mayer
Steve Mike-Mayer
Jess Atkinson
Lloyd Burris
Mark Magnes
Kevin Plank(Under Armour)
Mike Tice
Larry Webster
Dale Castro
Coaches:Jerry Claiborne, Bobby Ross

There is a certain group of Maryland fans that are blaming their current financial woes on former Terp AD Debbie Yow and her decision to expand Byrd Stadium to a much larger football stadium facility, that the fans will not fill up and thus Maryland can not pay for the increased structure and they owe big money to get this debt eliminated….

Maybe you have a few names to add to these lists….