Numbers and Names after last Friday night’s games:High School Football Stats Update

T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford) 2,458 yards and 36 TD’s…(TJ has 42 TD’s total.)
Malik Moseley(Southern Guilford) 2,445 yards and 35 TD’s…
Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 1,872 yards and 31 TD’s on the season….
Richard Hayes III(Dudley) 1,802 yards rushing and 33 TD’s……
Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 1,756 yards and 20 TD’s….
…Seasons complete for Cartwright, Hayes, Gallaspy and Moseley…….

Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews):73-120 passing for 1,695 yards passing and 22 TD’s…
Justin Johnson(High Point Central)178/345 passing for 2,349 YDS 15 TD’s….176 rush att for 1,186 Yards 14 TD’s….All purpose Yards 3535 yards 29 TD’s
Richard Hayes III(Dudley) Hayes with 1,802 yards rushing and 33 TD’s…Hayes with 1506 yards passing 8 TD’s 3308 total yards and 41 Total TD’s… (21) 2pt Conversions…
Jordan Putnam(Page HS) we now have him going Putnam’s totals are 154-266 passing for 2039 yards 20 TD’s and 108 rushes for 519 yards 7 TD’s.
Quentin Chavis(High Point Christian):121 for 223/1725 yards and 13 TD’s….Stats complete/season complete….Season complete for Johnson, Hayes and Putnam also….

Will Johnson(High Point Central):11-11 on field goals/36-36 PAT’s/36.7 punting average on 33 punts/32 touchbacks on kickoffs…(Pretty much up to date on Will Johnson.)…Stats Complete/season Complete….

Last check Total Tackles for Rubin Crosby(High Point Central) was at 133 tackles for the season…..Season Complete…


  1. Andy, you are too wrapped up in the numbers. Numbers don’t tell the whole story and you send the wrong message, when you constantly talk about individual numbers. You need to be more concerned about team and team’s that do things the right way. Your sending the wrong message.

  2. Just trying to give some credit where credit is due and I have become a numbers nut, what else can I say…Every yard/every inch counts in these sports….

  3. If numbers are not important then why do they have them at all levels? Andy is not sending the wrong message. Just stating what has been done.

  4. I would like to see the game stats for the NG-SG game. I want to see how much SG was actually able to do and vice versa.

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