Northeast Guilford Alumni Basketball Game coming up December 14 at NEG(Get Rusty Lee in there!)

from Northeast Guilford Athletics:

This year we are celebrating Northeast High School’s 50th Anniversary!

During this special time, we would like to invite all former basketball players back to play in an Alumni Basketball Game.

We know that you all would love the opportunity to come back and show your skills on the basketball court. Here’s your chance! We would love to have as many members from as many previous teams as possible to participate. The teams will be split based on your graduation year – Even years versus Odd years.

So here are the details:
The game will be December 14, 2012 at 7pm….

To participate, simply complete the attached form and mail it in along with your tee shirt cost….

We will hold an optional practice on December 13th at 7:00 pm in the Old Gym…

All players will meet on game night in the old gym at 6:00pm to stretch and get ready…

Any questions can be directed to Chaundra Rogers or Curtis Hunter
Contact information is as follows:
o Email – or
o Phone – 336.375.2500
o Address – 6700 McLeansville Rd./ McLeansville, NC 27301
We look forward to seeing you on the court!

CLICK HERE to register…..

If they go girls you at least need Mercedes King, the Ward twins, was it Beth and Amy that played for John Primm, plus Ursula Williams, bring back John Primm, bring back Wayne Stevens, La’Tremaine Stevens, and more….

On the boys slate you need the one and only Perlee Shaw, BIG Jerry Cook, Rusty Lee, the SRO at Grimsley, Mike Stoneman, Jimmy Robinson, Mezie Uzuchukwu, Sammy Grooms, Ismael Hinson, too many Slades to name, tons of players from the past 4 years preceeding this season and many more…Bring back Coach Ron Williams