Thanksgiving Day Football Game at Guilford College(Other games in our viewing area?)

We had our Annual Thanksgiving Day football game this morning at Guilford College and thanks on Thanksgiving to Quakers Randy Doss and Tom Palumbo, for helping us get that lined up again this year….

Did anyone else do the ‘Pigskin Classic’ this morning???

We heard that there was a 40-man ‘Turkey Bowl Classic’ going on somewhere in town today, but not sure where those guys were at….

At Guilford we had around 12 men show up and that’s not a bad group for the setting we were working in….Heard the Northern Guilford Nighthawks were going at 10am this morning and that is exactly when we got rolling….

With Doug Brown, Joey Kirkman, Kevin Colvin, Scott Cooper among the veterans that came in for the contest, we also added Enad Haddad, Jordan Stowe, Ron Davisdon, Enad’s buddy Larry Hogeboom, Chuck Foreman, Chuck’s young son George, the man that is posting this content and more…..That was our group/crew and they knew what to do….Run on the field before the game and then limp off the field, when the clock struck 12 Noon, on the Guilford College campus….

We have had some great games over the past 25 years or so and this had to be one of the best ever, with unreal weather and super field conditions….

Most of our players had at least one chance to get into the end zone today and that is what will keep you coming back for more next year, in 2013…..Enad Haddad had two picks and there were plenty of hits to go around and I bet you there will be some sore men in the morning, when they get out of the bed/rack….

If you had a TD today, that will be worth it, even when the pain gets worse tomorrow….

I ran a couple of miles before I went up there today and let’s hope that will help the outcome, when I come out of that bed in the morning and hit the road for another 4-5 miles or so….Got to get that blood flowing and I do think the blood gets a little thinner, as you get older…..

Who won today’s affair? “The team with the most points”, as our good friend Barry Welch used to say, right after Jack Bullock’s Tar Heels had dropped another game to the Wolfpack or to the Duke Blue Devils….

Very balanced teams today and I assembled the squads and didn’t do a half-bad job, of player placement…First half was maybe a 4-4(24-24) stalemate and the second half was 4-3(24-18) and that made for the kind of competition that you are looking for in game where most of the players had never seen each other before….

Hopefully we will do it again next year and maybe some more of our web site/blog readers will join in….

Until then, Jordan Stowe has a few photos from the game coming up here later today/tomorrow….That will give you a chance to see who was at the game and what was going on…..

Now if we can just keep this going until 2025, we might have a chance to make some history and if somebody goes down hard, there’s always the New Garden Friends Church Cemetary, across the road/street from the Guilford campus and it would be kind of nice to be buried beside my grandfather…He’s in there already and a Guilford alum from back in 1875….

More power to all who came out for the ball game this mornig and we’ll see
Doug Brown, Joey Kirkman, Kevin Colvin, Scott Cooper, Enad Haddad, Jordan Stowe, Ron Davisdon, Enad’s buddy Larry Hogeboom, Chuck Foreman, Chuck’s young son George, the man that is posting this content and many others up at Guilford College next year…..

And for the ballers that are still getting it done, ‘This blogs for you’…..