Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:New Hope, WES and GDS

Don’t forget our sponsor Graham Sporting Goods at…Basketball season is here and so is Graham Sporting Goods….

New Hope Christian girls defeated New Garden Friends and we should have a score up on this one soon coming in from Coach Jackson….
New Hope 97
New Garden 34
…(from Coach Jackson)

Wesleyan 84
Flora McDonald 54

Wesleyan boys were up 31-17 over Flora McDonald at halftime…..Looking for a final from Jordan Stowe on this one….

Greensboro Day School boys 89
Caldwell Academy 52
….Game was GDS 42-32 at HALF and Bengals up 75-42 end of 3rd Q…Four of the Bengals starting five did not play due to coach’s decision and it was obvious that they were best suited to be suited up, but to sit this one out, due to level of competition….Good move/good call on Coach Johnson’s part….Regular starter Reed Lucas did play due his recruiter from Army(West Point) being in town and at the game to see Reed….

The Greensboro Day School girls were winners over the Caldwell Academy Eagles, but no score available on the web site…..

Other finals and please send these to us so we can get these up here the night before and not the next day…We want your scores and send to….

Greensboro Day girls 59
Caldwell Academy 20
…Tamera Thorpe with 12 for GDS..

Wesleyan girls 53
Flora McDonald 22
…Jessica Willard with 18 for WES..

New Hope Christian boys 85
New Garden Friends School 69
…Carlos Rankins 20 for New Hope and Obi-Rapu 19 for NGFS….

Bishop McGuinness boys 62
Oak Level 43

Kevin Weckworth with 19 and Nick Effird with 11 for Bishop…..


  1. LOL @ seeing a couple of Coach K’s former coaches/cronies coaching girl’s basketball @ Caldwell. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!! Not sure who scheduled the games tonight, but thanks for the easy “W”.

  2. Ren Stewart and Trey Houser are coaching Caldwell girls….they probably should have scheduled Greensboro Day middle school B-team

  3. Trey Houser has a very successful career outside of basketball (sales I believe). He coached AAU boys (check out all the Gater banners at Spears YMCA with his name on it as a coach) and I believe still assist coaches girls AAU since his daughter is on that team. My daughter played for him for a couple seasons before switching to team that was a better fit. He’s a good basketball teacher.

    So Trey hasn’t “fallen” from anywhere.

    Trey and I are not close personal friends. Just setting the record straight.

  4. I have seen Ren Stewart coach AAU basketball for a couple of years and he knows the game and is a good coach. The problem is that Caldwell does not have players that can compete with the GDS girls. GDS has 6 college bound players and Caldwell may have 1 or 2. If Ren had an equal team, then that would have been a different story. Caldwell is lucky to have a guy like Ren and hopefully he can get some good players into his program.

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