Wednesday night workout for Northern Guilford at Guilford:Back where it all began

This is where it all began….Northern Guilford was just a JV team playing on Thursday nights back in the 2006/2007 era and back then the Guilford College Quakers didn’t even have a turf field…

Back in those days Coach Johnny Roscoe used to come up to the Guilford field at the Armfield Athletic Center and put down the chalk lines/paint lines on Wednesday nights…Back then Northern Guilford football, under the direction of Coach Roscoe, was just getting started and they started things out as a junior varsity team and they played their games on the Guilford College field, until their stadium was ready, out on Spencer-Dixon Road….

The Nighthawks would play JV games on that Guilford College field on Thursday nights, the same field Coach Roscoe played on as a collegiate football participant for the Quakers, back in his days as a Guilford student in the 1960’s…

This is where it really all began….On the football field at Guilford College….And the Northern Guilford Nighthawks were back on that same field where their coach fine-tuned his game as a Quaker receiver, back in his day….

Well, the field is a little bit different now, since it is made up of artificial turf and not the old Guilford College grass that Coach Roscoe, Geoff Clark, Steve Muselin, Bill Hollifield, Charlie Groves, Johnny Stewart, David Shepard, and many other Quakers played on in their day….

But this is the same field where it all began for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks back in their day and they were back there again on Wednesday night…..The same field where they played in the pre-season 7 on 7’s with many other area teams this past summer….There was Northern Guilford facing Northwest Guilford in 7 on 7 action, even before official Summer practice began….This was all the way back late-June/early-July and the Nighthawks have been going at since then and now here we stand, in the last week of November….The Page Pirates worked out on this same field, one year ago tonight, prior to their 4-AA Title game win over Garner last season….

Back to Guilford College, back to where it all began for the Nighthawks and back to where it all began for Coach Johnny Roscoe, as a Guilford College Quaker football player….

At the end of the Nighthawks’ practice on Wednesday evening, current Guilford College Quaker football coach Chris Rusiewicz came out to have a word with the Northern Guilford players and there was Coach Rosoce, who played there at Guilford and now stood there at Guilford for what may his last time, as the Nighthawks’ head coach….

Not sure who Coach Roscoe played for back in his day, might have been Bob Lord, John Stewart, or even Herb Appenzeller, but Coach Roscoe does go back and last night he had his team back to where it all began….

On a humble field at Guilford College and now the Northern Guilford Nighthawks will go from that Herb Appenzeller Field at Guilford, to the BB&T Field in Winston-Salem, looking for their 3rd straight 3-AA State Championship and what a way to go out for the Northern seniors and for their coach, that built this team and it all started on a field at Guilford College and the Nighthawks were back there one more time last night, “Back Where It All Began”…..